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Paris Commune Revisited, HD video, 11 min., 2022
Editing by Rena Rädle
Drawings and graphics by Vladan Jeremić & Rena Rädle
Music composed by LP-Duo – Sonja Lončar & Andrija Pavlović

The video essay is a poetic reflection about the happenings around the occupied National Theater in Tirana that was demolished in 2020, against the will of a broad coalition of cultural workers and citizens.
Starting with a reference to the Paris Commune, it ponders about artists's involvement in resistance against the agressive interventions of the “neo-feudal crusaders” in our cities. Video footage from a protest procession with the Alliance for the protection of the theater, that featured cardboard props from a previous exhibition, is contrasted with drawings. Tracing the way of those cardboard boxes, the video essay deals with the lost struggle for the theater and the question how to go on.

The video was supported by Gwaertler-Stiftung.