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Book launch event of Art Within Political Struggles.
Solidary Artistic Practice at the Periphery: Tirana, Skopje

19.12.2021, 12h, Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje
16. AKTO Festival for Contemporary Arts – Contemporary (non)democracies
Concept: Ivana Vaseva, Filip Jovanovski

Book launch event with the authors of this collaborative book project to continue
the conversation about solidarity and art in our region. Adela Demetja, Ivana Vaseva,
Rena Rädle, Valentina Bonizzi, Vladan Jeremić and Filip Jovanovski gave insights in
the artistic and curatorial practice they reflect in this collective document.
After their short introduction, a discussion with Artan Sadiku and the public followed,
problematizing the use of art in political struggles and solidary action.

All photos: AKTO
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