Rena Rädle & Vladan Jeremić

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Photo: Ivana Tasev

Fragile Presence
on show at "All the Love",
MoCA Skopje, 15.12.2020 - 1.3.2021,
curated by Mira Gakjina and Jovanka Popova

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Photo: Rädle & Jeremić

Photo: Rädle & Jeremić
Performative Drawing
Drawing sessions on social media
Razgraničenje / The Demarcation
Wall drawing, Museum of Yugoslavia, Belgrade, curated by Simona Ognjanović and Ana Panić (2019/20)
Komuna e Parisit Revisited
Performative exhibition,
TAL - Tirana Art Lab, curated by Adela Demetja (2019)

Photo: Sebastian Dahl

Photo: Thomas Raggam

Photo: Nikolay Oleynikov
Mobile Tribune
Intervention and installation,
Intercultural Museum IKM,
Oslo 4.4.−29.9. 2019
Fragile presence - Action Space
Installation and intervention, Graz, curated by <rotor> in the frame of Steirischer Herbst (2018)
Deaf Shoes
Artistic intervention, Palermo, curated by Mike Watson and at AKTO 13, Bitola (2018)

Photo: Rena Rädle

Photo: Tughan Anıt

Photo: Vladan Jeremic
Trešnjevački motivi/ Trešnjevka motifs
Installation, Zagreb, curated by curatorial collective BLOK (2018)
Spatial Justice / The Housing Question
Autrostrada Biennale Prizren, curated by Manray Hsu (2017)
The Housing Question / Safe country
The Nineties: A Glossary of Migrations, Museum of Yugoslavia, Belgrade, curated by Ognjanović and Panić (2019)
Potentials for militant creativity
Street intervention with ZIP group

Photo: Rena Rädle

Photo: Boris Burić
Artistic research on workers culture

With Konstanze Schmitt, after the butcher, Berlin (2017)
Fragile Presence / Lomljiva prisutnost
56th October Salon „The Pleasure of Love“, curated by David Elliott.
Belgrade (2016)
Worksheets on Living Images / Arbeitsblätter zum lebenden Bild
„Undisciplinary Learning - Remapping The Aesthetics of Resistance“, curated by Janine Halka, Suza Husse, Julia Lazarus. Berlin (2016)

Photo: Rena Rädle

Photo: Rena Rädle

Photo: Rena Rädle
Real Struggle, Fake Estates
"City Agents", curated by Jussi Koitela, Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM), Tallinn (2016)
Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad (2016)

Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova
Ljubljana, June 18 - August 21 2016

Photo: Rena Rädle
red winter
Photo: Vladan Jeremic
Observations from the edge
curated by Maja Ćirić, Belgrade Observatory (2016)
Crvena zima / Red Winter - Installation
SIZ, Rijeka (2015)
Studio Gallery, Budapest (2015)

Photo: Rena Rädle

Photo: Rena Rädle

Photo: Vladan Jeremić
Abeceda Željezare / Ironworks ABC MKG, Sisak (2015) Red Winter
LevArt, Levanger (2014)
2TheSquare, Helsinki (2014)

Photo: Vladan Jeremić

Photo: Vladan Jeremić
artLeaks Drawings
Photo: Rena Rädle
Workers' Collective
Bor (2013)
Didactical Drawings
ArtLeaks Drawings
world communal heritage
Photo: Rena Rädle

Photo: Rena Rädle
World Communal Heritage
The Housing Question
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